WeAreCheeky kitchen utensils - 6 pcs set

The WeAreCheeky assorted utensils is an essential in the kitchen, the designer 6-piece set of Silicone head Spoon, Slotted Turner, Spatula & Tong, nylon head Whisk & Potato Masher will come in handy when preparing & serving all your favourite meals. This utensil set also features stainless steel handles with electroplated gold finish & loop hole for easy hanging. Each utensil features Cheeky wording on the handle: Spoon “LET`S SPOON”, Potato masher “YOU`RE SO SMOOTH”, Whisk “WHIP IT GOOD”, Flipper “DON`T FLIP OUT”, Tongs “PICK ME UP”`, Spatula “LICK THE BOWL”. Features - Stainless steel handle with electroplated gold finish - Loop hole on handle for easy hanging - Blue silicone and nylon head - Cheeky wording on handle - Dishwasher safe Specifications - Blue nylon head material: Whisk & Potato Masher - Blue silicone head material: Spoon, Slotted Turner, Spatula & Tong - Handle material: 201 Stainless Steel with Electroplated Gold Finish - Nylon head heat resistance: 180oC - Silicone head heat resistance: up to 220oC Dimensions - Spoon : 31.75(L) x 6(W) cm - Potato masher : 25.4(L) x 9.6(W) cm - Spatula : 31.75(L) x 6(W) cm - Flipper : 30.5(L) x 8.5(W) cm - Whisk : 26(L) cm - Tong : 22.8(L) cm